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Back in 2011 I visited Alaska in a family trip. Despite being a vacation journey I was able to visit unusual places for the average tourist: Katmai, Kaktovic, Barrow among other more traditional destinations. Since then I have been traveling around the globe, looking for wild places, wild creatures and our connection to them. This obsession has taken me to places like the Okavango Delta, the Namib Desert, the Finnish Arctic, the Ecuadorian Amazonia, the Serengeti and many other of all the magical places in this planet.

After being in constant awe of nature and making it the main subject of my creative process I decided to go back to Alaska and explore some of it’s areas a bit more thoroughly. As an artist I try to go beyond documenting nature and explore a more spiritual approach, aiming to capture the stillness within the wilderness. Inspired by the wine world, I have conceptualised a “photographic terroir”; a combination of light, temperature, topography and geology.

This recent journey, which I’ve dubbed #TheGreatArcticAdventure took me to Cape Krusesntern, the Delong Mountains and the rugged, vertical coast of Katmai.

I have put together ( I apologise for my awful editing skills) a short video about my trip:

And you can see an image selection at