“I arrived before dawn to Antelope Island State Park and stayed pretty much all morning. It reminded me a little bit of Yellowstone. Not much, but just enough. It was cloudy and foggy. It was very silent. Lots of ducks, rabbits, bison and some deer. Also coyotes, pheasants, chukars and robins. I did not see any antelope that today. The air was cool and crisp. It reminded me how much I love winter, the test of winter, the challenge of winter. I may have been born in the wrong latitude. The Caribbean lacks winter as much as it lacks autumn. As I drove back to Park City I crossed the bridge that separates the island and across the lake. Two figures walked in the distance. Their heads down, slowly walking over the frozen ice. I was surprised to see hunters in a State Park. I stopped the car and took a some shots. They looked at me. Not angry for taking their picture, just curious. They kept walking and I went home after some pizza at Little Caesar’s. It was a great day for me, and hopefully for the ducks as well.”

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  1. Hi! I am enjoying following you on your. wonderful adventure!!

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