Fast or slow?

Today I’ll share with you a very short post, consisting of two images that show different approaches to the same subject.

I’ve said before that the wildebeest migration is probably one of the most overwhelming events in nature. The sound, the speed, the coordination, the fear, the rumbling of the earth beneath the determined beasts…

In the first image I wanted to capture the movement of animals and water, so I closed my aperture to f25 and used a slow speed in my 500mm. For me this image has a more dreamy and lyric dimension to it.

In the second image I tried the opposite, freezing the action in the frame, slowing down time… so I used f8 to get higher speeds.

Which one do you like better and why?

_MGL1347 _MGL1362

  1. In this particular case I like the f8 version. The f25 is a bit muddled.

  2. Personally I prefer the f8 photo where the detail is clearer. What strikes me is the detail of the many horns.

  3. I prefer the first image, it’s more vivid and it’s clearer to see what’s going on in the background

  4. I like the first one best because of the clarity and detail. Nice capture! 🙂

  5. Sonya said:

    I enjoy the second image with context, but I felt I needed the freeze-frame version to fully understand what was happening.

  6. I like both images. I love the dreamy background effect in the first one, and the mass of horns in the foreground. You feel you have time to take it all in. But the second one evokes much more emotion. You can feel the urgency in getting across safely, almost taste the terror of imminent attack. With the first one I am an observer. With the second one I almost feel like I’m experiencing it. Great shots! 🙂

  7. personally i prefer the second image because it reproduces the wild animals and water’s energy. i love this pic!

  8. I prefer the second photo because the background is clearer it also seems more dramatic you can see the splash of the water around the widebeest great shot when and where did you take it ?

  9. CW said:

    I prefer the slow speed as it displays the energy exhibited during the migration. Having witnessed this myself I know how overwhelming the experience is. In the f8 image the wildebeest are seemingly wading into the water when in fact they are rushing headlong into it, often leaping over each other. I do like the dust in the air around the wildebeest approaching the water and how the photo is closely framed around the crossing, giving it a claustrophobic feel.

  10. The first pic, it pulls me in. It looks almost like a painting or a memory from a dream I had.

  11. heinsight2010 said:

    Second has greater energy for me. I can Feel the animals moving. The first feels frozen and still.

  12. Skylo said:

    I prefer the fast one by far.

  13. Love the first one, with the sharp detail of the horns. So many animals!

  14. personally speaking, i liked the f/25 which shows the impact to me…The second one is more creative …

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