Monthly Archives: June 2014

I’ve been ask the same questions many times, so I’ll try to answer the top 5:

1. Who is your favourite photographer?

Many are on the top of the list, but if I had to choose only one it would be Vincent Munier. ( His sensitivity towards photography is outstanding.

2. What is the best photograph you’ve ever seen?

I think it might be “Black Woodpecker” by Markus Varesvuo. It takes my breath away every time. (

3. What is your favourite place to photograph?

Again, very hard to tell, but it would be a tie between Serengeti in Tanzania, Barrow in Alaska and Sierra de Bahoruco in Dominican Republic.

4. Why do you use Canon?

No particular reason really. Canon makes amazing equipment, but so do other brands. It is the brand I used as a teenager and I stuck with it. I wouldn’t change it.

5. Why do you photograph wildlife and not people?

I’ve always been interested in nature, specifically animals. There is a permanent sense of awe when facing the marvellous creatures and places of the natural world. I like the fact that I am a stranger when facing wildlife, rather than part of the subject specie.