Photo story of the month: the fishless King

BJ9Q2660Contrary to assumptions, the Woodland Kingfisher (Halcyon senegalensis) as other kingfisher species, does not fish. As it name may suggest it is found mostly on dry land hunting for insects, but pretty much with the same strategy that its cousins hunt over water; it will pick a good perch and wait for pray to show up, quickly swooping down in one quick burst only to go back to the chosen perch. While in the Okavango Delta I had the chance to see many Woodlands and most of them in a high perch against the clear sky. But I wanted to achieve a different image, one that made honor to its name and its habits: “Woodland”.  I wanted an image where grass and land played a part and no water was in sight. Woodland Kingfishers are not as shy as other kingfishers and actually are quite aggressive and might even attack a human, even though this happens rarely. But I could get somewhat close sometimes if I was silent enough. The Woodland Kingfisher was definitely not one of my target species, but every time I saw one, which was very frequently, I tried to achieve the image I had designed in my head. Finally I got my chance:  while looking for a Leopard on Victoria Island, inside the Moremi Game Reserve, this great looking individual swoop down to catch an insect only to fail, then staying low on the ground perched over a dead tree. The light was soft and dim and the grass was high, so I composed the image putting the bird all the way to the right, making the atmosphere and the environment a leading part of the image. The story I wanted to tell. I’ve seen amazing action shots of Kingfishers. Just incredible images of birds in the water or already with a catch on their bill in mid-flight, so I know this may not be a fantastic image on that sense, but I am very happy with the mood and the narrative altogether. For more images of my time in Botswana please visit the gallery on my website. 


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