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The Andes ends here. The Amazon ends here. The Caribbean ends here; Trinidad is a tiny island where everything ends but amazement begins. Diverse in its people and habitats Trinidad offers a fusion between Amazonian and Caribbean life. This first trip was short. It was an exploratory adventure into the northern range of the island that provided a small glance of all Trinidad has to offer.


My wife and I were visiting some friends in Port of Spain and I decided to stay four more days in order to explore the different habitats and wildlife. As you have probably guessed four days is not enough to explore any place with the attention nature deserves, but that is all I had and I was determined to make the most of it.

My operations base was Asa Wright Nature Center, a lodge built-in the northern range mountains with a vast amount of bird feeders and trails. From there I had short trips to the Aripo Savanna, Caroni Swamp and other near by locations. I tried to fit in as much as possible in those days and get a sense how productive, photographically wise, these locations could be for a next trip.

I have to admit I was quite frustrated at the beginning. The jungle is thick and tall, birds are very shy and getting good photos was kind of hard.. well, let me put that differently: getting good traditional photos was very hard. I now understand that the fault was not in the locations but in my approach. I had been used to photographing in a more traditional manner when it comes to nature: a blind, a clean perch… but this was unique. There was no way to manipulate this scenario. The jungle was son dense that light barely touched the ground and getting a clean shot was almost unthinkable. At some point, and luckily early enough, I changed both my attitude and my expectations. I decided to look for photo opportunities with a different eye and I have to admit I am extremely pleased with the results. Personally I consider this adventure a step up in my work. These images are among my favourites and with no doubt are the most unusual I have shot.

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